Welcome teachers and educators to the Expedition for Education scholarship program being offered at the Leonis Adobe Museum. "The Leonis Adobe Museum is a historical monument and living history museum dedicated to restoring, preserving, and sharing California ranch life in the late 1800s." Our goal at the museum is to share a glimpse of what life was like in the late 1800s with our community, and with the numerous students who pass through our gates on a daily basis.

Through the generosity of our community and business partners, our museum has created the "Expedition for Education" program to help provide financial assistance for qualified schools with 4th Grade Students seeking transportation to the Leonis Adobe Museum. Our bus application form is listed below. Along with a separate school tour application, please submit the form below with a note as to why your school is a candidate for our scholarship. - We look forward to seeing you at the ranch!
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Additional Information:
Please Tell Us Why Should You Be Considered?
NOTE: Please submit a brief note letting us know why your school should be considered for the Expedition for Education Bus Scholarship program.
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Program Requirements:
We are offering this program not only to Title 1 schools but also to those whose programs are underfunded and in need.
  • Admission fee is $12.00 per student payable on the day of the tour.
  • Buses must be filled to capacity (60-65 students per bus).
  • Only one chaperone per group of students. Additional parents will not be allowed to tour with the group.

Please let us know of any special requirements your school may have.