Leonis Adobe Museum
Barn & Blacksmith:
Students step back in time to the 1880s by touring the barn and blacksmith shop. They will relive the days when it held Percheron draft horses and cows. Blacksmithing, barn chores, and information about the wagons will be discussed.

Ranch Animals:
Students will pet, feed and observe the animals supervised with Leonis Adobe guides. Animals include poultry, goats, sheep, Percheron draft horses and longhorn cattle.

Teacher Support Packets:
Teachers can provide these downloadable activity sheets as additional learning activities for their students either before or after visiting the Leonis Adobe Museum. Activity sheets are provided for both the Rancho and Chumash tours.
Ask your children to consider these questions for living on the ranch in 1880s:
  • How shall we light our night before there is electricity?
  • How shall we preserve food without electric refrigerators or freezers?
  • How shall we amuse ourselves without TV, radio , or electronic games?
  • How shall we get to town in winter, when the unpaved roads are so muddy that our horse and wagon can't get through?
  • What shall we use to pull plows in the field before we had tractors?
  • How shall we learn in school when there are four grades in the same room, at the same time with the same teacher?
  • How shall we pump water to drink without an electric pump?
  • How shall we irrigate the crops in the field?
  • How can we get milk, butter, cheese and meat when we can't get to a store?
  • How shall we heat our homes? How shall we cool our homes?
  • How shall we find time to do our ranch chores, feed the animals, clean out the stables and get our school work done too?